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Kanal - Mediavaeval town

This Mediavaeval town Kanal with its rich cultural heritage lies on the banks of the river Soča, which are linked by means of wonderful two-arch bridge. In the old centre of the town is the Kontrada Square, where you can also find a house in the Gothic style with the memorial room of Marij Kogoj, a bust of the Josip Kocijančič’s library. Riko Debenjak’s Gallery is in the renovated defence tower. In the very heart of the town, you can find Mary’s Church dating from 1431. The high altar is made out of Carrara marble. Apart from the church, there is also firstly, Neptune’s Fountain, constructed in 1815, secondly, Valentin Stanič’s bust – he was a clergyman and alpinist, and then finally a bust of Marij Kogoj, an expressionistic composer. In the vicinity, you can also admire the bust of the founder of the national library, Josip Kocijančič, and that of the painter Ivan Čargo.

In order to preserve historical and cultural heritage that are characteristic of the area of Kanalski Kolovrat, the kitchen with fireplace in the Lukčeva House was proclaimed as ethnological monument. Franc Jerončič’s museum collection composed Ethnological collection of rural implements, collection of the things from World War I and of carving trade objects.

Apart from Marijino Celje, the most important one is Saint Kancijan’s Church in Britof. Inside the church there is one rarely preserved Gothic altar, composed of three corridors in Slovenia, also a golden altar in the Baroque style, and frescoes from the 16th century. In village Krstenice is Sant Nikolaj’s Church with Sait Miklavž from the 14th century and in Prilesje is Saint Ahac’s Church with frescoes from the 15th century.


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- Rooms Appartament or House on the protective old part of Kanal of the river Soča

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